The Label

Inspiration is everywhere. The art is in recognizing it.

A journey, a silhouette, a landscape, a smile, a few lines, a mood, a photograph, a gesture, a provocation: fashion comes from everything that surrounds and confronts us and continuously reinvents itself.

It is precisely this dynamism and diversity that we find particularly attractive. We attempt to divine which inspiration is contained in a design and become enthralled with its colours, materials and lines. VIRA therefore interprets creativity as free play with contrasts and experiences the combination of opposites.

Within the collections, the strict meets the playful, and the flowing meets the sculptural. Slim fit is paired with extra-large and develops a wholly new language of form, while masculine details emphasize the feminine line of the label. This is how fashion that escapes all categorization comes into being. Yet one thing remains true: it is unmistakable.